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Functions (20+)

Every function is a feast! The feasts we provide are of unrivaled quality and taste. Forget about triangles of sandwiches and fairy bread - Matee makes it easy and affordable to throw a feast that everyone will appreciate and remember. Provided in two convenient options (who wants to think endlessly about it, right?), we will freshly cook and then immediately deliver these genuine Turkish dishes to your function.
Option 1: Pide, Dips & Salads: $17 per person
Option 2: Grilled Meats, Rice & Salads: $22 per person
A wide range of vegetarian options are available. Just let us know your function details as well as how many Option 1's and Option 2's you would like. It is that simple.

Matee Party Packs

Our famous party packs are custom-designed for small groups with a big hunger. And a discerning palate. And a demand for convenience (...sheesh, fussy bunch, aren't you?). Luckily, we love all that stuff too, and our party packs are living proof. Check 'em out.

Picnic Pack 1

2 dips of your choice
2 large salads of your choice
1 turkish bread

Picnic Pack 2

10 falafels
12 vine leaves
3 dips of your choice
2 large salads of your choice
3 turkish breads

Grilled Meat Lover's Pack

3 mixed grills (lamb, chicken, adana)
2 dips of your choice

Pide Pack

4 pides of your choice
2 dips of your choice
2 salads of your choice

Corporate Lunch Packs

For groups of 20 or more people, we deliver beautifully prepared lunch packs, perfect for corporate event, interest groups or any organised group event. Delivery is free within a 3km radius of our restaurant or the CBD.

Lamb or Chicken Lunch Pack

chicken thigh fillets or lamb backstrap
turkish rice
mixed salad

Vegetarian Lunch Pack

mixed salad

Vegetarian Wrap Pack

falafel wrap w/ hommus & salad